Restaurants in Brentwood Open During Shelter in Place

Kevin Vierra March 25, 2020

Restaurants Open During Shelter In Place

Just one week ago, I was waiting for the weekend to spend with my family and treat ourselves to a nice meal out on the town like we normally do over the weekend. On March 17, 2020, that all changed. We went from eating out as a treat to now trying to eat out at the local restaurants to save them from going out of business. The local restaurants in the Brentwood area have been hit hard when the entire county was ordered to have no gatherings with 10 people or more. There are many local eateries that rely solely on the profit from the business to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. As a family in a small community, I would hate to wake up after this virus is all gone and not be able to eat at some of our favorite local eateries that we have come to enjoy.

Some of the local restaurants have changed the way they do business to adapt to the new normal for the next few months while people abide by the shelter-in-place order. If the restaurant was not set up to do take out or have food delivered, they went into panic mode and had to recreate the way that they do business. Some of the restaurants have created special menus for take out and some have even set up a drive-up area to get your food without having to leave your car. They had to do this quickly in order to stay open for the next month or two while we wait to hear when this shelter-in-place order will be lifted.

We at the Sold Buy Guys are a local small business and understand how dependent small businesses are on local consumers. We know that small businesses are the backbone of the community and provide a great deal of tax dollars for our area. In these times, people are wondering if their favorite local spot is still open for business so we created a small map of the local Brentwood restaurants that are currently open for business. Things are changing rapidly in this environment so we will try and keep this map up to date as a resource for the local community to guide them to their favorite restaurant. If you know of any that are not mentioned here, please reach out to us and we will be happy to place them here. It may be difficult to eat out as often as you did before all of this but if your kids are driving you crazy at home and or you just need to have one less thing to worry about, check out the map to find your favorite place to take out or deliver. There is only one way to get through this. Together!

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